Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Mosaic Fish

Today we are learning about how to mosaic.  We are using pages from magazines and sorting them into colours.  Then we rip our chosen colours up into little pieces and paste it onto our fish to show the shape of the fish and the patterns.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Occupational Therapist

Emma, an occupational therapist, came into our class to talk to us about her job.  She helps people with their motor skills and movement, and she uses games to help them.  We were able to play some of these games and we learnt that to be successful, we had to sometimes work as a team.  We tried hard to be encouraging, to use only kind words, and to enjoy ourselves even if we din't win.  

Making Honey

During writing, we were learning how to write an explanation.  We learnt about how bees make honey.  After we had done lots of reading about the process, we then made animations to show what happens. Using our animations to help us, we then wrote our explanation about how honey is made.  We were lucky, because then Mr. Seaman brought in some pieces of his bee hives that he has at his house.  Mrs. Henare dressed up as a beekeeper and gave us all a surprise!


For art, we were learning how to blend paint.  We painted some beautiful sunflowers.  Our teacher reckons they are so good, that sometimes she just sites there and stares at them!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Train trip

As part of our noho marae, we also got to take a train trip to Taumarere.  We walked down to the train station for a midday departure.  We got to enjoy the landscape as we travelled, as we usually wouldn't see those places from the car.  When we got to Taumarere, the train man talked to us about the history of the train and the area.  Then we returned back to school.

Noho marae

Our first week back after the holidays saw us taking part in the first noho marae for the year.  We stayed at school and had afternoon tea, and then we left for an adventure up on Ruapekapeka Pa.  We had been learning in class the purpose of Pa, and a little of what happened in the battle of Ruapekapeka.  Then when we got back to school, we had dinner and dessert and played games.  We slept over and had competitions as to who could snore the loudest.  Mrs Norman was not the winner, but we won't say who was!